Speaking History

Below you’ll find a list of my speaking history and sessions, if you would like me to speak at your event please feel free to drop me a message here!

  • 26/08/2020 – Redgate Streamed – “Clone ALL the things: How database cloning can speed up your DevOps process” (LINK)
  • 15/07/2020 – Webinar – “Database DevOps for Managed Service Providers” (Co-Presented with Octopus Deploy – LINK)
  • 03/06/2020 – Webinar – “The Latest Database DevOps Techniques in AWS” (Co-Presented with Octopus Deploy – LINK)
  • 28/05/2020 – Redgate Streamed – “The Hybrid Model: An optimized workflow for database source control” (LINK)
  • 02/04/2020 – Redgate Streamed“Protect your data by design and default: Creating a data masking strategy” (Revised) (LINK)
  • 06/11/2019 – PASS Summit Seattle“Protect your data by design and default: Creating a data masking strategy”
  • 02/11/2019 – SQL Saturday Oregon“Approaches to protecting data by design and by default: Creating a data masking strategy”
  • 23/10/2019 – Cambridge DevOps, Dev & Test Gathering“Creating fast and safe test environments”
  • 01/10/2019 – Microsoft Future Decoded“Protecting SQL Server Data in non-Prod environments”
  • 04/09/2019 – SQL In The City Streamed“Sci-Fi from 1999: Test data delivered in seconds” (Co-Presented with Kathi Kellenberger) (LINK)
  • 23/04/2019 – SQL In The City Summit London “Pre-Production environments: Creating your DevOps pipeline”
  • 27/02/2019 – Manchester Agile / DevOps Showcase North“The missing piece of the DevOps puzzle, the database”
  • 07/11/2018 – PASS Summit Seattle“Static Data Masking: The trouble with masking data” (Co-Presented with Microsoft)
  • 03/10/2018 – IPExpo London – “DevOps, the database and the role of the DBA